Cancer and Cannabis

Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, Cancer
Cancer - Qualifying Condition for a Medical Marijuana.
Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, Cancer

Medical marijuana, or cannabis, has been used in natural herbal medicine dating back to 400 AD. During the 19th century, in the United States, cannabis was used as medicine. It wasn’t outlawed in the U.S. until 1937 when the Marijuana Tax Act passed. The many biologically active compounds in cannabis are named cannabinoids. The two most studied are THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The use of marijuana and cannabinoids is illegal under federal law and is not approved by the FDA. However, many states, including Florida, have legalized the use of cannabis and cannabinoids to treat some medical conditions, including cancer. 

Cancer and Cancer Symptoms

Cancer, as a disease, is difficult to define because every type of cancer is different and every person’s cancer is relatively unique. However, most generally, cancer is defined as an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body often causing the growth of a tumor. Since each cancer is so different, there are many symptoms that patients with cancer suffer from. For example fatigue, low appetite, and pain are common. Sometimes these symptoms are caused by cancer itself. Often, these symptoms are caused by the harsh side effects of chemotherapy. 

Cannabis as a Cancer Therapeutic

While marijuana and cannabis have not been approved by the FDA for treatment for cancer, many doctors prescribe medical marijuana or medical cannabis to their patients to relieve some of the symptoms related to cancer or chemotherapy. Many patients have reported that cannabis has helped them feel less nausea. Some studies have also reported that cannabis has relieved neuropathic pain. It is also reported that cannabis can improve patients appetites and promote weight gain in patients with AIDS or cancer. 

If you have cancer and are suffering from some of these unbearable symptoms of your disease or the treatment of your disease, you may consider reaching out to your doctor about the possibility of using medical marijuana to improve your quality of life while you fight your disease.